Friday, April 23, 2010

The Waiting Game...

So, I went to BAM! this morning to buy 'America' and they did not have it in the store. They had book #99, which I went ahead and bought. I suppose I could go ahead and read #99, then read #100 when it comes in next week, but I have a slight case of OCD :-) I don't like to do something out of order when I've already decided how I'm going to do it.

Alas, boys and girls, I will not be able to start reading until May 1st. During this waiting period, I've looked over the list of 100 titles/series that I'll be reading. I've got a question I would like your opinion on:

For the titles on the list that are series, should I read the ENTIRE series?

If so, there's one series on the list (there's 11 different series on the list, by the way) that has 62 books in it so far. Granted, these books on the list are generally teenaged reading (sometimes younger), but still.... 62 books?!

Now, I don't mind buying the books and getting them, but I was wondering what your opinions are. Let me know!!!! =)


  1. Mandy,

    Could you post a list of what the books are? I'm really interested to see :)

  2. Absolutely, I'll post them in a note on FB for ya =)

  3. Don't read the entire series. That's redonkulous. Just "one and done" it. :)
    I am really excited about this project of yours. I am currently researching communist societies and book burnings and the lack of freedom that comes from that for background info for my own fiction novel I am beginning. I'm going to be following your project as I work on my own!
    Good Luck