What Now?

I've been thinking lately that when I finish this list, that would be the end of my blog.  Yes, that will be quite awhile from now, but still ... the end is inevitable.  So, I was thinking ... what should I do when I finish #1 on my Top 100...??

Thanks to a comment on one of my posts, I think I've found my answer.  I know there are books out there in this big wide world that are not on my list, but have made an impact in communities, schools, etc.  If you know of a book that is controversial and not on my Top 100 list, please email me the name of the book, author and the controversy the suggested book(s) has created at BannedBookReader@gmail.com.

I will research and compile a list of the suggested books while reading the Top 100 so that I may begin them immediately after finishing #1 on my current list.

Happy Reading! =)