Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

There once was a girl who loved to read;
Books of all genres would fill her need.
Patiently she waited in anticipation
For books to arrive and cause her elation.
She went to her mailbox, one afternoon;
Looking inside, she grinned like a loon.
For what did her mailbox have in store?
Why it was books! Books galore!!!
Eleven she received on this special day;
Making her happy, chasing her blues away ...

Yes, I did receive eleven books in the mail today!!!! I'm so happy about it I had to write a poem (on the spot, I might add), for out of those eleven books were ten of my Goosebumps!!!  I can finally begin reading for this blog again. Yay!!!!!

Happy Reading All! =)

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