Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Shout Out ...

I am so excited! Yesterday, I was told that I received my very first 'shout out' on another blog!!! =)  When I started this blog I had hoped it would grab people's attention and it looks like it is.

Thank you ~ Paperback Writer ~ for my very first shout out.

Followers, please check out Paperback's blog.  I believe you will enjoy its contents.

Also, I want to mention that I believe my blog could probably use some aesthetic improvements.  I am relatively new to blogging so if you have any suggestions for improvements, I would be more than happy to hear them and take them into consideration.

Thanks everyone! =)


  1. You are welcome. I love lists & I love the fact that you have one of Banned books. Several of them, I've wanted to read. With your reviews you have encouraged me to put them on my TBR list (the list is out of control). But excited to read as many as possible!

  2. HEY... its me again...

    anyway, Stumbled across this & immediately thought of you! check this out:

    A man wants to ban the memoir called Speak... I am sure you've heard of this book, its also been made into a movie.

    I am interested to see what you think/hear your thoughts.

  3. Actually, I've never heard of 'Speak' but seeing the controversy that it's stirring up, I plan on buying it to read it and see what it's all about. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! =)